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Length of Seminar: 2 Days – 16 Hours

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Policing & Neuroscience

Course Overview:

Over the last decade we have made huge advancements in the areas of neuroscience and interactions between human beings. Based on solid research and new discoveries about the human brain, we now have the ability to figuratively reach into a person’s brain and begin flipping switches. The proverbial “flipping of these switches” in our counterpart’s brain is designed to create safe interactions and influence others to engage in peaceful dialog. In this course we will teach “Why” it is important for law enforcement agencies to have a good foundation in this advanced area of study. Law enforcement professionals will find the information taught in this course extremely valuable when executing the duties and functions of their perspective careers and relationships in general. Understanding brain chemistry is essential and critical when establishing meaningful bonds in the community, resolving conflicts, and keeping the peace. We will identify the chemicals being released in the human brain during interactions with others, why these chemicals are released, and how they affect human behavior. Interaction skills and techniques will be taught to increase the release of desired chemicals, which creates trust, leading to desired behavioral outcomes. We will also articulate and teach the skills and behaviors, which will inhibit the release of bad chemicals in the brain. Such chemicals will lead to conflict, chaos, agitation, and a plethora of other problems. Upon successful completion of this course the law enforcement officer will possess a variety of psychological and physiological tools, which will enhance their career performance. 

Upon Completion of this course, participants will be able to:

= Comprehend the latest basic discoveries found in Neuroscience and Brain Chemistry.


= Execute the process of creating new neuro pathways in our brains to effectively interactinfluencenegotiateresponddialogue, and resolve conflict with individuals we encounter on a daily basis.


= Identify and implement the three progressive phases of “learning” properly.


= “Hack” their own memory in order to store an unlimited amount of data in their brain’s hard drive.


= Properly utilize the use of the Limbic System of the brain to de-escalate hostile situations.


= Discover the phenomenon known as “Illusion of Knowledge” and discover how to overcome this principle, which inhibits individuals from problem solving. 


= Ascertain the two main levels of human emotions and discover how to read and interpret them.


= Identify the chemicals released in the human brain and how these chemicals affect emotions and human interactions. Also, learn how to induce these chemicals in your counterparts’ brain.


= Discover the classifications created by our “Primitive Brain” during every human interaction and learn how to manipulate which category your counterpart will put you in. 


= Learn the proper execution of the FORM technique in repour building.


= Uncover how to implement, utilize, and interpret basic “triggering” techniques.


= Identify, and utilize “cognitive empathy” with your counterpart in resolving conflicts.


= Recognize the characteristics of “Twisted Reality” in your counterpart and learn how to bring that person back to a sound existence.


= Discover how to obtain a quick response from unanswered texts, emails, and/or phone calls.


= Identify the 6 principles of persuasion influence that are universal.


= Identify deception via the biological aspects of the right and left brain.


= Learn the basics on how to “Spy the Lie


= Learn how to properly evaluate and interpret the “methodology” of an individual.


= Understand the causes and aspects related to “Unconscious transference” in eye witness identification testimonies.

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